Monday, January 18, 2010

Our latest inspiration

Linen print as lovely as an English garden, chenille tweed reminiscent of a Chanel suit, softly-hued pagodas against a creamy ground and Italian wool paisley drapes...a sitting room tailored just for a lady.

And to complete the look, we brought in extraordinary accessories...

Look what's just arrived!

A pair of porcelain elephant lamps, OUR EXCLUSIVE

And some fabulous needlepoint pillows...

We are just mad for dragonflies this spring!

Take a look at some of our newest artwork...the marbled paper on this print coordinates perfectly...

...and we adore this little girl, holding her favorite bunny.

Be sure to check back and see how our designer, Barry Webber, puts it all together!! - ERB

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some of my favorite things...

To my friends, relatives and loved ones: If, by some chance, you decide to get married, buy a home, or invite me to yet another birthday party will most certainly receive one of these three Source Collection items. (Because I love each and
every one of them and, quite frankly, because of the convenience of standing up, walking ten steps and grabbing the item off the shelf in our lovely
Connecticut warehouse.)

You too can share my affinity for convenience and, yes, high quality
accessories with these three unique, beautiful and chic gifts from our collection.

For my friend buying a new home: In preparation for the swank parties you will be throwing and obviously inviting me to... I present to you:

For my relative, on your wedding day, I can foresee many years of you and your significant other dining alfresco, cool breeze, lovely sunshine...and me. Of course you should only have the finest drink set for such occasions:

And lastly, a birthday gift for my loved one, because I know you don't have one of these...

And so it goes,
...three fine gifts that I love, will love to give, and yes - love to share with you, my family, friends and loved ones.... - ERB