Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We're gearing up for a Tent Sale here at our location in Winchester, Connecticut! Saturday & Sunday, May 15th & 16th!

Curious to see what we've got around the office? Take a walk with me and I'll give you a sneak peek at some of the goodies you'll find at our sale!

Upon entering our building, Clementine (or, "Clemmie" as I call her) greets visitors.

Behind her, our Spool Settee, Scalloped Tray Table, Petit Point Insect Pillow, Dragonfly Garden Pillows, Rococo Carved Looking Glass, American Classic Side Table, Concord Candlestick lamp...the list goes on...(by the way, this is where our designer, Barry Webber sits - lots of great sunlight and surrounded by all the pretty things!)

Now to the left of the settee...

Atop our Oxbow Bunching Table, we have Scholar's vases, a Blanc de Chine Mum Vase, Marie Covered Box, Elephant Lamp, and a coffee set sample from Limoges...

And to the right of the settee...

Our new Gabriella Arm Chair, Windrose Accent Table...and Fagiano Soup Tureen - of course! Our photo shoot samples are ALWAYS discounted at our sales by 25 - 35%!

Walk with me down the hallway...

Pictured here - Our Duke of Arden Dining and Game Chair, Orleans Chest of Drawers, Grade Leaf Needlepoint Chair, Winter Solstice Arrangement, Golden Wheat Bouquet, To The Hounds Pillow... and our debut catalog's story board! (Catalog is due out this month!!)

And into the great room where the staff sits in one, collaborative room...

I probably shouldn't be sharing this photo - because this is our lunch table!! Our Asian Root Table is topped with samples, returns and product development. I can't wait to clear this off and sell everything you see!!
Piled on top: Golden Lion Collection Double Old Fashions & Coaster, Garden Cloche Set, Le Jardin Ice Bucket, Artichoke Tulipiere, Country House Candle Collection... and more!

A little further in the room...

Our "fun" Clemens Front Porch Rocker, The Muses Armchair (completely organic, by the way), and a pair of Lion et Fletches Fireplace Fenders, in the distance - a bronze Elk and a repaired Dashwood Bullseye Mirror...

Ahh the entrance to the boss's office...

In front, our Directoire Commode, Vincoli Table Lamp, Golden Conga Line, Comfrey Crystal Bowl and repaired Tartan his office - check out the Gemsbok Table Lamp, Galileo Console Table and Architectural Print

Here's a closer look at the chair -

We have an in-house carpenter that repairs returned furniture for us. This chair had some arm surgery, very minor... We're selling it for 40% off the retail!
Stay tuned! We'll share more photos and products as we unearth, sort and price! ~ERB

Don't forget:
Saturday & Sunday, May 15 & 16 10am to 4pm
125 Price Road, Winchester, CT

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