Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Green Initiative...continued

Our Warehouse Manager, Kyle, is off to one of our furniture manufacturers today. While many high quality manufacturing facilities are located in North Carolina, this one happens to be in the Northeast. Although it is our policy to never disclose our manufacturer information, I will tell you this - this family-owned, New York state-based facility is one of the BEST.

Take a look at some of the hand-crafted, upholstered furniture pieces this manufacturer custom makes.

...for your Highland Study:

...our Tartan Chair

...for your Architect's Room:

...our Darcey Library Chair and Ottoman


...for your formal salon or your guest room, perhaps:

...our Salon Divan

...for your Country Bedroom:

Our Tranquillo Upholstered Bed


The Muses Armchair


...for your Explorer's Study

...our Wales Wing Chair


...and for your Mountain Retreat:

...our Tyrol Divan

Although he is visiting for several reasons, he primarily will take a look at this manufacturer's highly-regarded eco-friendly facility and attempt to implement some of their envrionmental strategies at our warehouse here, in Connecticut.

Can't wait to see the photos! Stay tuned! ~ERB

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