Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kyle's Last Lunch...

We regret to inform you all ...Kyle is leaving The Source Collection...he's moving on to greener pastures. (Really!) He has accepted a position at another company - one where he will be utlizing his horticultural talents on a daily basis - and so - we had a little "going away" lunch.


Kyle and Amy

Pizza-Pie from ABC Pizza here in Winsted

Chris (note - she is working through lunch!)

Josh - caught mid-bite...
We are sorry to see him leave the company - and we wish him the best of luck!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Outlaw ~ a new show on NBC!

We're in the process of shipping out an order for a new television series: Outlaw. Here is a little information about the show, taken from

"Starring Emmy Award winner Jimmy Smits ("NYPD Blue," "The West Wing"), "Outlaw" is a new drama from creator and executive producer John Eisendrath ("Alias," "Felicity").

Few jobs are guaranteed for a lifetime, and a Supreme Court appointment is a position that no one ever quits - unless he is Cyrus Garza (Smits). A playboy and a gambler, Justice Garza always adhered to a strict interpretation of the law until he realized the system he believed in was flawed. Now, he's quit the bench and returned to private practice.

Using his inside knowledge of the justice system, Garza and his team will travel across the country taking on today's biggest and most controversial legal cases.

Garza's team includes his best friend since childhood, Al Druzinsky (David Ramsey), a brilliant defense attorney with liberal beliefs; Mereta Stockman (Ellen Woglom), a hopeless romantic who is Garza's loyal law clerk; Lucinda Pearl (Carly Pope), a wildly unorthodox private investigator who uses her sex appeal and wit to gather information for Garza; and Eddie Franks (Jesse Bradford), a tightly wound, rabidly ambitious Yale-educated attorney, recently hired as Garza's law clerk.

Outlaw is a Universal Media Studios production along with Conaco productions. John Eisendrath ("Alias," "Felicity," "Playmakers"), Richard Schwartz ("Andy Barker, P.I.") and David Kissinger ("Andy Barker, P.I.")"

Here are a few of the items we sent - (wouldn't want to give it all away!)

Crocodile Embossed Notebook

Eagle Quill Paperweight

We are so excited! (Who doesn't love Jimmy Smits?) ~ ERB

Friday, September 3, 2010

We're just sayin'...

In May 2009 we opened up this Indochine Room Diffuser for our first photo shoot. We've moved it around quite a bit - from the front office to the back office - and it has always maintained a light fragrance - never too strong, but always present.

As I mentioned earlier, we opened it up well over a year ago... and look how much is missing ... practically none!

For you math types...I'd say so far we have used about a 1/4 - that's about $24 worth over the past 15 months - $1.60 each month - or hey... about 5 cents a day!

Now isn't your home worth it?

We're just sayin....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

NCIS Called....

One of our favorite TV shows called this week and asked that we overnight a set of our Nordic Drinking Horns to them - guess who? NCIS!

Because we are fans, they sent us a SIGNED script, autographed photo and a very nice thank you note - How cool!!

Autographed photo

Front page of script - it's the "Make Up" copy

Episode Cast List

Our Nordic Drinking Horns