Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Photo Shoots!

We had a couple photo shoots this season ~~ Check out our behind the scenes pics!

Our first photo shoot was held at a private horse farm in Connecticut. The setting was most apropos for our new collection!

The weather was just lovely! Tally thought so too!

Here are some early shots of the
Bridle Tailgate coming together ~

This is mid-staging... we originally had a saddle in the background - however, the hot sun was not cooperating and we ended up moving the entire scene toward the stable for some much-needed shade!


Our next photo shoot took place at a private residence in Connecticut. We fell in love with the private pond, hammock and woody background.

A perfect place for a Woodland Picnic!

Barry makes sure the setting is just right for the shot.

We pack our picnic basket with cheese, wine, fruit, and bread ~ staples for a proper Source Collection

Our NEW, FAVORITE items around the office, are, by far... Mama Bear and Baby Bear! Like our Gentle Ewe, she can hold up to 250lbs and she looks so real! We keep her by the front door when she is not out stealing picnic baskets with her baby bear (left).

Check her out - how cute!!

Check our website often to see our new "rooms" and all the new items! ~ ERB

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