Monday, November 1, 2010

Green Initiative, cont'd!

CL&P helped us replace our old lights in our warehouse, office and WCs with new, more efficient bulbs, reflectors and ballasts.

They contracted
New England Energy Management, Inc. to handle the removal and install of all the lights. They were great!

For each light - four bulbs and their ballasts were removed...

A reflector was installed, along with new ballasts...

And where four bulbs were there are only two!

We expect to see savings of at least 50% on our energy bill, and we love the positive effect on the environment. CL&P implemented this program to lessen businesses like ours straining the power grid - it's a win-win!

Here are some before and after shots of our warehouse:


After! We noticed the warehouse is a lot brighter...although it is not so obvious from these pics!

Our WCs were fitted with sensors, so the light will turn off and on upon entrance and exit. (I still can't seem to grasp this and when I reach for the light I am surprised - every time!)

(Hey look, our catalog storyboard and a
Regency Library Globe is in the background!)

As part of the plan, our old bulbs were recycled, and these new bulbs have a low mercury content - we like this!!

We are excited about this latest small step to become an even "greener" small business. Stay tuned for more green initiatives. Think Global ~ Act Local! ~ERB

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