Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's New!

It's not a question - it's a statement!

What's new with The Source Collection: more unexpected decorative accents, more coastal and chinoiserie inspiration, and new upholstered pieces for any home. We love love love our latest collection. And, little by little, we are releasing our "New for 2011!" collection, every Tuesday. Here's a synopsis of what we've released so far. Our catalog is scheduled to be in homes in April!

Our Fishy Dish! In our latest room, the "Coastal Great Room," we've placed this decorative accent atop a "martini table" and filled it with shells as an unexpected and quirky accent.

I can also see this as a catch-all in your front hall (keys, lip balm, small flashlight, a wayward paperclip or two - at least that's what I have atop my entry console...), a soap dish in your bathroom (filled with monogrammed hand soaps, natch), a chic place to keep your sponges and scrubbers by the kitchen sink (much much cuter than plastic-y or stainless steel soap dishes), and a handy dish for your jewelry by the bathroom and kitchen sinks, or on your dressing table.
Click here to see our Fishy Dish, for just $35.00

Allegro Bud Vases! We tend to gravitate toward bud vases - they are great for accessorizing a room, and we love this collection of graduated sizes and fun shapes. I can even see these used as candle holders...just a thought...

Nautilus Needlepoint Pillow! High quality, 100% wool needlepoint is becoming more and more difficult to find. We've chosen this rendering of a large Nautilus Shell with beige, dusty rose and aqua accents to accessorize our "Coastal Great Room." We also chose a feather and down insert to up the luxe factor...
Just the right size to center a settee, add interest to a sunny breakfast banquette, or accent to a side chair.
Click here to see our Nautilus Needlepoint Pillow for $105

Ocelot Tabouret! Both the red and the beige "Alexandria Tabourets" have had a strong, long run in our collection; however, like many upholstered pieces, the red velvet fabric is no longer available (the beige is still available...so far....) Barry decided to update the classic piece with a very chic cat-inspired print, that he dubbed "ocelot." We cannot believe just how soft the fabric feels! I've seen similar styles used in entries, at the end of a bed, and as both extra seating & tabletops in living areas.
Click here to see our Ocelot Tabouret, for $1100

Playful Retriever Tote! This tote is handmade using all non-electrical tools by the Amish Community. Think about it. All of the hardware is harness grade. Seriously, think about it. Little details like nickel feet, two outside pockets, one interior pocket, and a zippered closure make this a REALLY special bag.
Click here to see our Playful Retriever Tote for $575

Spring Floral Porcelain Cachepot! What better way to show off the first blooms of spring? the lush flowers of summer? the harvest reds and oranges of autumn? Why, with this cachepot of course. We can really see a pair of these on a mantle, or on the hearth, as a focal point on a kitchen island, flanking a console in the entry, holding an orchid in a bathroom, or on a table behind a sofa. The squared shape and pierced base are classics!
Click here to see our Spring Floral Porcelain Cachepot for $50

Indigo Starfish Prints! Okay, I'm not going to lie, when I first saw these - I thought they looked like they were dancing. Grooving to the beat..in fact. But now, I get it. We are so used to seeing starfish as shells - just the exoskeleton. But what about in their natural habitat? What about in the ocean so blue? Well here they are ... and yes, they are probably dancing "unda 'da sea."
Click here to see our Indigo Starfish Prints for $225

We've been buying from this one particular porcelain manufacturer for YEARS. We love all of their unique, artisan-created pieces and always try to incorporate them into our rooms. This year we chose three mini-vases in a lovely turquoise glaze to accent our "Coastal Great Room." The interior is a luminescent, contrasting bright white. And, each comes in a fabric lined box - so authentic and so special.
Click here to see our La Mer Porcelain Vases, $20 each

So many beautiful accessories so far - we can't wait to share what's next! Next week I'll reveal our catalog exclusives and offer pre-sales just for you! ~ERB